- January - New Year's Moon
- February - Moon Of Ice
- March - Supermoon On Sendai
- April - Pink Full Moon
- May - Planting Moon
- June - Green Corn Moon
- July- Hungry Ghost Moon
- August - Dog Day Moon
- September - Barley Moon
- October - Blood Moon
- November - Dark Pagan Moon
- December - Total Lunar Eclipse


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Atomic Shadow's debut commercial album reflects on the twelve full phases of our moon with The Shadow's inimitable take on the subject.

With his wall of genuine retro hardware, much of it dating back to the 40s and 50s and stuffed with tube/valve test oscillators, sine and square wave generators, equalisers, analogue filters, reel-to-reel tape machines, oscilloscopes, mixers, tape and bucket brigade delays and more, Atomic Shadow weaves a tapestry of beguiling, if challenging, textures that is true to the spirit of the early pioneers.

Interesting to note is that each piece was recorded on the full moon of every month - nothing would start until the day and recording would end when the full moon lapsed - so each piece had that limitation imposed as an inspiration.

Dark, moody and bordering on ambient IDM in places with its squealing tubes and non-linear distortions, Atomic Shadow's soundscapes invoke truly authentic vintage electronica, warts, lab coat and all.

Atomic Shadow's 'Twelve Full Moons' is an album of rewarding consequences. Play or ignore it at your peril!

Broadcasting from yesterday's world of tomorrow


Recordings © Atomic Shadow / Hollow Sun, 2012. Unauthorised copying, sharing and/or other distribution is strictly prohibited. Please respect this copyright


Bought the album today. Fantastic.


I've always liked Atomic Shadow's material. It's good to see him getting wider recognition.

The album is great. Congratulations.


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