Project Berna
Creatures From Beyond
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We have something of a unique coincidence here at HS Records...

Atomic Shadow shares the same birth date (May 23rd) as the late, great Dr Robert Moog. inventor of the Moog synthesiser.

In recognition of this coincidence, for a limited time, we've decided to make The Shadow's first two albums, 'Project Berna' and 'Creatures From Beyond', available for just £3 each with all proceeds to be donated to the Bob Moog Foundation.

Bob Moog

The Bob Moog Foundation ignites the innovator in us all through exposure to interactive educational experiences that draw from Dr. Bob Moog's legacy of groundbreaking work at the intersection of music, science, and imagination.

Maverick electronic explorer, Atomic Shadow, is at the forefront of modern abstract electronica using as he does true retro equipment from the 50s and 60s ... test oscillators, reel-to-reel tape machines for feeding in tape loops or tape delays, etc., and a hint of modernity with MoogerFooger pedals. His music invokes influences from the likes of Tod Dockstader, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and others. Atomic Shadow's electronica is moody and dark, sometimes chilling, sometimes challenging, sometimes whimsical, always intriguing.

He was recently runner up in the London Science Museum's 'Oramix' remix competition judged by Brian Eno, DJ Spooky and The Wire.

He also recently won the 'I Dream Of Wires' modular synth award with exemptions and exceptions that although his wall of retro gear isn't exactly a 'modular synth' per se and pre-dates Dr Moog's classic designs, it represents instead the kind of music laboratories of the early pioneers which Bob Moog rationalised into the synthesisers we know today.

Atomic Shadow

The Shadow says of his contribution...

"The futuristic sounds of the early pioneers of electronic music captured my imagination as a child and continues to influence my work to this day. Dr. Bob was one of these pioneers. From his early love of the Theremin to his ground breaking modular instruments, through the innovative keyboards that have appeared on countless classic and modern recordings. This legacy must be preserved for our children and I am happy to give the Bob Moog Foundation my support. Through their efforts, the next generation of music and engineering pioneers may be inspired to dream, innovate and create the sounds for an entirely new world of tomorrow."

His Bobnesses' legacy really lives on today and I think it's fair to say that we have, to quote UK prime minister Harold MacMillan, "never had it so good". Music makers have everything from free and inexpensive commercial software synths but, more importantly perhaps, there has never been a greater choice for true and living and breathing hardware analogue synthesisers with Moog's own Voyager, Little Phatty and Mooger Fooger pedals and accessories and recently augmented by the Minitaur. We also have Dave Smith's Prophet 08, Tom Oberheim's recently re-released SEMs right through to hardcore modulars from the likes of For those with a more modest wallet, there are also budget tabletop units from Doepfer and Vermona and so many others, a lot of it very affordable. And all of it inspired by Dr Bob's innovations.

Not just that but there is an unprecedented amount of varied electronica out there for people to listen to from 'four on the floor' banging dance tracks to more considered, abstract electronic soundscapes such as HS Records offer here. Arguably, none of this would have been possible without Dr Bob's supreme innovations and legacy back in the 60s and beyond.

All of us here at HS Records are very proud to be associated with the BMF in our small way and I'd like to thank Dr Moog's daughter, Michelle, for her generous co-operation and assistance with this. Here at HS Towers, several glasses will be raised to the good doctor and The Shadow to commemorate their birthdays (I have already sent the butler to the cellars to find an appropriate libation!).

And if I may, I'd just like to mention that I had the very great honour/opportunity to meet Robert several times at various music tech awards ceremonies and I can honestly say that you couldn't wish to meet a nicer, more humble and decent man. A true gent of our time as are so many innovators. It was truly a delight to speak with him ... and he was most generous with his time, sharing his almost child-like enthusiasm for synthesis and synthesisers. He might have been 'physically' 71 when he shuttled off this mortal coil to take his place with the pantheon of greats but at heart, on the occasions I met him, he came across as an enthusiastic teenager with all the zest and passion of the enthralled lad who built Theremins as a hobby in his youth. Lovely bloke!

Please buy these albums and support a great cause - to promote electronica of all flavours for future generations and to preserve and support the legacy of a mild mannered visionary.


Atomic Shadow

Broadcasting from yesterday's world of tomorrow



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I am really liking this. I have to be honest and only bought it for the Bob Moog Foundation but I really quite like the music.


I love The Shadow's stuff and am glad to be able contribute to the Bob Moog Foundation.


It's a very nice thing you are doing with this. Good luck to you. Bob Moog is a god and i hope you raise a lot of money.


I am very happy with these purchases and it's good to know I am donating to a good cause.


I bought both but Project Berna is my favourite.

The work you are doing for the Bob Moog foundation is great

Brother Arch

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